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Vote No on HB2551

Contact your State Senator and Representatives to ask them to VOTE NO on HB2551 NOW: off-highway vehicles; use; authority; enforcement. If this dreadful bill becomes law it would make it discretionary for state and local law enforcement officers to enforce provisions of the wildlife habitat and cultural resource protection statutes and only allows off-highway vehicle (OHV) statutes to be enforced on state, county, and city lands or “opened” federal public lands. The lands that need the most protection are the ones that have been closed to vehicles to protect our nation’s natural and cultural resources.

Just imagine irresponsible OHV users driving where ever they please on the Sonoran Desert National Monument destroying centuries of our nation’s natural and cultural history with one pass on their OHV and Arizona Game and Fish and other non-federal law enforcement officers are prohibited from enforcing travel management regulations on our public land. This is ludicrous!

The Friends of the Sonoran Desert National Monument, Arizona Wilderness Coalition and the Anza Trail Foundations, Sierra Club, the Bureau of Land Management and the National Park Service have spent thousands of dollars and volunteer hours repairing OHV damage on the portion of the Juan de Anza National Historic Trail that runs through the Sonoran Desert National Monument. As citizens we deserve to have our law enforcement officials enforce all the laws and regulations pertaining to resource protection, not just laws and regulations that fit an ill-conceived political agenda.

Enforcement of OHV regulations to prevent damage to wildlife habitat is crucial to the state fulfilling its responsibilities to all resources, including wildlife. Enforcement of federal regulations identifying appropriate places where motorized vehicles can be used is important action to ensure that Arizona’s residents and visitors have enjoyable and safe recreational experiences on the vast federal public lands in Arizona. It is also essential to ensuring that our natural resources are protected for future generations.

If HB2551 passes, the funds designated for enforcement will not be used the way they are supposed to be used and our natural resources, including wildlife and fragile archaeological sites, will suffer for it.
Ask your Senator and Representatives in the Arizona Legislature to please vote NO on HB2551!


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