The Friends of the Sonoran Desert National Monument will be participating with the Conservation Lands Foundation in promoting the On Equal Ground program. Basically this is a project that is working to influence President Obama to permanently protect the same amount of public land, acre for acre, which has been leased to gas and oil [...] Learn more
Amphibians throughout the world are being threatened by climate change, drought, disease and poor land management decisions. Furthermore we just do not know enough about this Class of animals and more research needs to be done. Worldwide amphibian numbers have plummeted, but there is some hope and one bright spot for at least seven species [...] Learn more
The Sierra Club (SC) and the Western Watersheds Project (WWP) have filed a lawsuit protesting the BLM’s decision to continue allowing livestock grazing on the Sonoran Desert National Monument (SDNM). I believe there is merit in the lawsuit, but the Friends of the Sonoran Desert National Monument (FSDNM) did not join in the suit. The [...] Learn more
The Friends of the Sonoran Desert National Monument teamed up with the Town of Gila Bend Parks and Recreation Department to introduce 10 students in the town’s summer program the Sonoran Desert National Monument and to the rock art of the region. Friends of the Sonoran Desert National Monument volunteer Dave Morris presented a PowerPoint [...] Learn more
Shawn McCrohan Board Member      Friends of the Sonoran Desert National Monument      Owner, Geo Savvy Tours On April 26th, 2013 Representative Raúl Grijalva (D-Dist. 3) introduced the Arizona Sonoran Desert Heritage Act of 2013 (H.R. 1799), which would protect roughly 954,600 acres of public land in western Maricopa County using a range of [...] Learn more
May is Endangered Species Month in the United States. Forty years ago this landmark law was passed by a bipartisan U.S. Congress and signed by a Republican president to protect plants and animal from extinction. This was a great event in our nation’s history when we as stood shoulder to shoulder and let the world [...] Learn more
While the summer months may not be the ideal time to hike the Sonoran (or any desert), it is possible to enjoy the Sonoran Desert National Monument throughout the seasons with some planning for health and safety. First, make sure you have a good map. Download this one, or order Arizona Road & Recreation Atlas [...] Learn more
The Friends of the Sonoran Desert National Monument, the Sierra Club and the Bureau of Land Management celebrated Earth Day 2013 by closing and initiating restoration of 2-miles of illegal roads in the Sonoran Desert National Monument. The Sonoran Desert National Monument southwest of Phoenix has undergone several years of illegal smuggling activity. Smugglers walk, [...] Learn more
The Arizona Republic recently featured the Sonoran Desert Heritage Act and highlighted the plight of archaeological treasures in Red Rock Canyon. The Arizona Sonoran Desert Heritage Act of 2013 is good news for all Americans and we should all be thankful for Congressman Grijalva’s leadership in introducing this bill. Congressman Grijalva is not the only person [...] Learn more
Contact your State Senator and Representatives to ask them to VOTE NO on HB2551 NOW: off-highway vehicles; use; authority; enforcement. If this dreadful bill becomes law it would make it discretionary for state and local law enforcement officers to enforce provisions of the wildlife habitat and cultural resource protection statutes and only allows off-highway vehicle [...] Learn more

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