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New National Monuments

Thank you president Obama

This week, President Obama took a bold step to protect and preserve both the cultural and natural heritage of our nation.  I want to thank the President for showing great leadership by using the Antiquities Act to name five new special places  as national monuments:
Rio Grande Del Norte National Conservation Area in New Mexico;
San Juan Islands National Conservation Lands in Washington;
Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad National Monument in Maryland;
Charles Young Buffalo Soldiers National Monument in Ohio;
First State National Monument in Delaware.

These new national monuments will protect a diverse set of significant sites and natural resources for all Americans to explore and enjoy. They will also generate significant economic opportunities for surrounding local communities.

Experience has demonstrated the wisdom of protecting special places by creating national monuments on lands and waters already owned by the American people. These unique and irreplaceable national treasures tell the story of our past and can help shape the experiences of future generations.



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