Attention: this organization is no longer active and has been dissolved. This site remains up simply as an archive.
FSDNM Joins On Equal Ground

The Friends of the Sonoran Desert National Monument will be participating with the Conservation Lands Foundation in promoting the On Equal Ground program. Basically this is a project that is working to influence President Obama to permanently protect the same amount of public land, acre for acre, which has been leased to gas and oil companies during his administration.

So far the Obama administration has permanently protected 2.6-million acres whereas more than 6-million acres have been leased for gas and oil development.

On Equal Grounds is especially relevant to Arizona because there are thousands of acres of public land deserving permanent protection. The recently proposed Great Bend in the Gila River National Monument comes to mind as an important area deserving permanent protection.

As the name indicates this area covers public land on both sides of the Gila River near the area where the Gila River makes a 90 degree turn westward near the town of Gila Bend.

The area is known for its rich cultural history and the proposed monument has the support of the nearby Tohono O’dham and Tohono Akimel communities.


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