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Ironwood cactuses hit; target-shooting ban?

One of the proposals in the preferred Draft Management Plan presented by the BLM is to ban all recreational target shooting (not hunting or carrying firearms) in the monument. This proposal was made to insure that all monument objects such as cactuses, rock art sites, desert tortoise, etc.  are protected from careless target shooters, i.e. vandalism. The BLM feels it does not have the staff or budget to enforce target shooting in designated zones and a total ban on target shooting is their only reasonable option.

Vandalism originating from recreational target shooting is a major problem on public lands. Read this recent article written by AZCentral, Monument’s cactuses hit; target-shooting ban eyed, to learn about this issue facing the Ironwood Forest National Monument near Tucson.

Unfortunately, the actions of a few inconsiderate people have consequences for all of us and the land and its resources we cherish.

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