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UNDER ATTACK: Save our National Monuments!

On April 26th, President Trump signed an executive order attempting to eliminate or shrink parks and monuments that have been protected by our presidents in recent decades, including Sonoran Desert National Monument here in Arizona as well as the incredible Bears Ears National Monument which protects over 100,000 irreplaceable archaeological and cultural sites and 26 other national monument designations spanning desert vistas to giant sequoias.

This is an attack on parks and shared American history and heritage.

The executive order puts the fate of our parks and monuments in the hands of Secretary of the Interior, Ryan Zinke. Starting today and for just a few weeks, the Department of the Interior will be taking public comments about this order.

Now is the time to show Secretary Zinke that Arizonans and all Americans want our lands and waters to remain protected. With your help, we can demonstrate the overwhelming public support for Sonoran Desert National Monument and all national monuments. Speak up!

Sixteen presidents from both sides of the aisle have designated national monuments to protect places from the Grand Canyon to Papahānaumokuākea in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands.  The Act also helps tell a more complete story of our nation, protecting sites from that honor the full diversity of our history from Stonewall to Birmingham to Cesar Chavez.

The American public overwhelming support our national monuments and no president has ever attempted to revoke a predecessor’s monument designation, until now.

Tell Secretary Zinke and the Department of the Interior that Americans want all national monuments to be protected for future generations.

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