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Proposed Resource Management Plan

The Lower Sonoran and Sonoran Desert National Monument Proposed Resource Management – Final Environmental Impact Statement will be available to the public on June 22, 2012. The plan will have the BLM’s responses to the public’s comments received in 2011. As you may know the FSDNM spent a great deal of effort reviewing, researching and commenting on the original proposal.

The BLM’s original proposal incorporated several management strategies that the FSDNM and others found encouraging. The establishment of dedicated wildlife travel corridors between the SDNM and other protected areas, the elimination of redundant roads, setting aside lands for their wildland characteristics and the elimination of livestock grazing in one allotment are seen as promising proposals.

Some people were disappointed that restoration of degraded lands and special areas as the Vekol Valley received little attention. Hopefully the plan released on June 22 will cover these topics.

Friends of the Sonoran Desert National Monument members and others can be assured that the FSDNM is dedicated to seeing that these SDNM is managed in the spirit of National Conservation Lands as reflected in the BLM’s Strategic Plan. We’ve recently included a portion of the about section dedicated to the Principles of the National Conservation Lands.

To receive a copy of the Proposed Resource Plan and Final Environmental Impact Statement contact the BLM: or call 623.580.5500 or 623.580.5526

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